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"This is the best personal and business thing that has happened to me” 

“We have been working for 2.5 weeks now and I have already gone through the biggest transformation of my life. This is the best personal and business thing that has happened to me.” 

From the handwritten letter “Review for new customers” by Award-Winning Artist Roos Tulen

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"I see more clearly, I am lighter, happier, an even better mother for my son"

Working with Esther is like coming home. My life and business changed at all levels and layers.
I love the high performance, high energy, high happiness, high caring, high speed of Esther, therefore in each session we have breakthroughs.
Things I knew from when I was a child, it is all realised. Better than in my most beautiful dreams.
There are no words to describe what we realised together. It is a deep feeling of happiness and gratitude. It is a whole new world.
Happy, light and easy in every minute of my life. More magic and miracles every day. My talents, such as seeing through layers and time, are grown, and I use them more efficient. Esther gives me tools for life. Nothing standard, tools that fit me and my mission in this world.
Together we build an international business that I enjoy and is fulfilling. With time for me, my family and nature.
And there is even more. I am committed to keep working with her for the coming years. It is written in the stars!

dr. Karianne Kalshoven,  Leadership Businesscoach

“Coming home, being understood, experiencing peace and daring to dream big"

Coming home, being understood, experiencing peace and daring to dream big. Esther is a shining star that inspires you.

When she shines her light on you, you feel yourself growing bigger and more powerful in what you have to do in the world.

It is her magic that connects with your magic, giving you both even more impact. Not only visible online, but also energetic and tangible from the inside out.

This realization is worth more than any investment.

Thank you dear Es”

Emily Mattaka -  Entrepreneur & Marketeer

"The Sky is the limit"

“The Magic of Esther is that she is enthusiastic, always sees the positive, she’s the Brainstorm Queen and gets special inspirations.”

Since working with Esther, I have taken new big steps & am breaking through my own barriers with rocket power. The development of my health and business go hand in hand and I feel powerful, energetic, open & positive.

I never thought that I could radiate so much from within and feel so much strength for what I have to bring to the world.

For example, I had immediate success with my company Glowingplaces from day 1 as a city maker specialized in redevelopment and revitalization of large inner-city transformation areas, I wrote a book in 6 months with now +1000 sales, launched a podcast in 6 weeks (corona) time & I am on my way to an international multi-million dollar company.

Esther helps me fuel my big dreams so that I always go to the next levels, never settle for less & feel: The Sky is the Limit.”

Sandra Poelman, Director of Glowingplaces & Creator of Award Winning Places

“One conversation with Esther made me believe it was possible to start my own business"

I said it out loud and started doing it, with very satisfied customers as a result.

Currently, I help companies and entrepreneurs to turn their office or showroom into a beautiful place, with an exciting touch.”

Annouk de Rijk, two-time Olympian (ice skating) & Owner of Annouk In Style

Review estherdeweert.com

"In conversation with Esther, I decided to start my own company in 10 minutes"

“I had felt for a while that I wanted something different in my work & in conversation with Esther I decided to start my own company in 10 minutes.

The coaching has given me energy, personal growth, financial gain, strength & belief in myself. I now create light & easy opportunities to do what I love most.

I hope that many more people can experience this feeling in their lives.”

Jeannette Emmelot

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“Our first conversation immediately revealed The Magic Moment"

From Business Start:
“Our first conversation (January 2018) immediately revealed The Magic Moment. You showed me that what I do really matters. That I actually have something to say. I recognized my qualities. Being down-to-earth, I didn't realize how special the combination I have is. 

The choices I made because of that moment & our coaching years later have only made me stronger.

It is a pleasure to work with you. For over 1.5 years.

Time and time again, we have energy and insights that accelerate my Business and my Life. The distance from anywhere is no problem, it is as if you are sitting next to me at the table.”

& Beyond:
“The monthly business coaching with Esther feels like an icing on the cake and always gives me so much positive energy. This way I have been able to focus more on what I am really good at, namely relieving organizations in the field of employability. This also created the Dia Dashboard to provide an easy and clear way to gain insight into where you stand as an organization in terms of sustainable employability. Many companies want to do something with it, but don't know where to start. That is why the Dia Dashboard is about agile and future-ready organizations. Without Esther I certainly wouldn't have managed this so quickly!”

Dianne Verkerk – Owner of DiaBalans Coaching & Advies

"Now we live and work in our dream place"

Myra de Groot Entertainment productions with a Mission connects, gets people moving and gives positive energy. When the pandemic halted all executive work, we quickly started a new brand: “the TEE line from TANTE TEE”. My husband had this idea years ago and now was the time. Together we always look at what is possible. I finally called Esther because I knew I needed her as a business coach to repeat who I am, where my strength & talent lie and what I stand for.

She has made me aware again that I can manifest. That I can make money to invest and realize even more big dreams. Create experiences and products that touch people.

Now we live and work in our dream place. Peace and space, nature and all companies under one roof. Creating together in health and love. I'm back.

Myra Fictoor - de Groot - Owner & creator Myra de Groot entertainment producties

Right hand of Tante TEE

"Esther showed me that I can make my biggest dreams come true!"

From the moment I met Esther, I immediately knew that we were going to work together. Since our collaboration, I have more than earned back the investment, easy. Not only have I achieved more profit, but I have also used intuition and expert knowledge even more to help my clients solve complex HR challenges in an innovative way. 

That's what I like to do most. With amazing results.

With Esther's help, I own my value even more than ever before, and I also incorporate it easy into my services. With more Profit and amazing results for me & my customers.

Esther showed me that I can make my biggest dreams come true! She helps me in her own magical way to do business from my heart. Working with Esther feels like having a personal cheerleader, something that I wish for every entrepreneur!”

Merel van Rijn – van Vliet, Owner Blackbird HR

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"Esther has taught me to trust my intuition and believe in what I see"

In 3 conversations with Esther, I discovered that I am there for Global Women who want to grow further and be of significance to the World. 

Coaching with Esther has made it clear how I can best communicate this so that I can make the difference I have in mind. 

Esther has taught me to trust my intuition and believe in what I see. All of this feels so good that I wish you this too!"

Astrid Swint, Business Owner & Expat Expert

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"Esther helped my Artistry & Business increase ten levels in 45 days"

Esther helped my Artistry & Business increase ten levels in 45 days. 

This makes it explode financially, in the value I can provide. I am in my purpose & I am carrying out my life mission. Everything is joy, light, easy and love. I never thought that would even be possible. I have now doubled my annual turnover from last year in the first 3.5 months of the year. I feel that I am worth it and that the value I provide is a no-brainer relative to the money I ask and make. That is the very best Magic that exists.”

Roos Tulen, Award Winning Artist 

"On my darkest days, she has shown me the Light and followed me back home to my heart"

She has shown me that everything that I need, is right inside of me.

Her video series carry a power and gentleness that overwhelms my heart each time I watch them. Her words have touched my heart and calmed my mind, more times than I can count. Thank you for making things my mind has made so complicated, so easy. With You, it is Always Easy and Happy making. I am forever grateful for the work you do.

Working with her 1-on-1 and in group sessions has changed my life for the better. She has given me the tools, love and kindness I did not know I needed. Her straight forwardness, all-around experience and knowledge is sometimes overwhelming, but oh my am I grateful for it. She has left a blueprint in my life, which I proudly carry with me for the rest of my life. Her soul touched mine with her way of coaching, and I am forever changed for the better because of her and the person she chooses to be. Every. Single day.

She is the Sunlight on rainy days.
The hope that never fades.
The star that Shines the brightest.‘

Natasja Wandel - Sales Representative & Business Owner

Testimonials Swedish Business Experience

"It is all within me"

"We went faster than we ever thought. During these days I have grown enormously.”

Adventure & nature in combination with amazing coaching from Esther, that is the Swedish Business Experience in short. These days we went faster than we ever thought. During these days I have grown enormously as an entrepreneur and person. We have laid the foundation to go even further to the next level for my company and my customers.

Swedish nature and Esther have shown me these days that it is all within me, I just have to embrace it and follow the signals. 

The icing on the cake was that I received a call from 2 new clients on my last day at Esther, which resulted in a dream assignment that has now been extended for another year.

On a personal level it was also very valuable. Together with my husband and dog we went on a road trip to Sweden in our camper. It has brought us even closer together as a happy family ánd has also given my husband great insights. This way we can encourage each other even more, support each other and chase our dreams! I wish every entrepreneur this experience!

Merel van Rijn – van Vliet, Owner Blackbird HR

Review estherdeweert.com

"The midweek was unforgettable. I have achieved so much in a short time"

“In April 2022 I immersed myself in the Swedish Experience for a week. Not a full agenda with appointments, but completely empty! Focus on working on a long-cherished wish: a program for people returning to work after cancer.

We got started right away during dinner on the day of arrival. The lines are set for the coming days. This meant that both Esther and I knew what to expect from each other and at what time. The trip has given me insight that through focus and space you can achieve a lot in a short time.

The empty agenda allowed me to fully focus on what I wanted to do. And by not being at home, I was not tempted by the delusions of everyday life. My husband and children could do without me for a while :) It gave me so much air and space that I actually managed to work on the program.

The midweek was unforgettable. I have achieved so much in a short time. The framework of the program was ready at the end of the Swedish Experience and so much more business wise. In addition, I was completely recharged and could then enjoy Stockholm with my husband. He saw me shining at the station and knew that I was happy to see him and felt happy that he had given me the space to work on my program. I never expected it to be so 'easy'. Preparation is half the work, and Esther keeps asking questions during the sessions, so that the content is exactly what you think is good.

In October, we will start our first group "Connecting with yourself after cancer", a program that gives you insights into how you can regain control of life after the 'white coats'.”

Dianne Verkerk – Owner of DiaBalans Coaching & Advies

Review estherdeweert.com

“I can’t put into words how much spiritual growth has occurred in these few days"

Thank you, Stockholm and especially Esther for helping me unplug for a few days. Grow my business energetically and practically with so much fun.

The clarity and fresh new energy this city and people in it bring is truly otherworldly.

Experiencing a natural high I’ve never felt before. #blissness


Emily Mattaka -  Entrepreneur & Marketeer

Review estherdeweert.com

" The biggest breakthroughs in my life on all levels possible took place during these days in Sweden"

“Esther provided snow on my mother’s birthday (she has been in the sky for 2 years now).

The biggest breakthroughs in my life on all levels possible took place during these days in Sweden. I see more clearly, I am lighter, happier, an even better mother for my son and I work with the nicest clients who suit me completely.

The numbers in my business are insane. I am a happy businesswoman on top of the world.

dr. Karianne Kalshoven,  Leadership Businesscoach

It’s Written in the Stars

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