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About Esther

About Esther

About Esther

About Esther’s Business start

  • I started my business in 2017 in the Netherlands after the idea came clear to me, when relaxing in the sun on a Sunday afternoon. It was my husband who said immediately: simply do, we are able to live on my salary.
  • When starting my Business I focused on increasing happiness, balance and energy of people in life and work/business. I helped, among other things, 3000+ people by online happiness trainings.
  • Automatically, I was asked to perform business coaching. From discovering what it is you are truly here for & making a business model with valuable services and products aligned. To creating miracles, realizing amazing money flow, helping people and organizations beyond ever experiences before. Combined with living your (family) dreams.
  • I was also automatically found and asked by media to share my story about happiness related topics in my life. More of that you’ll read further on at this page.
  • To give you a full insight of my working life you are able to read more about the experience I gained before being in business, that has miraculously entered my life.

Before Being in Business

I was asked for various jobs, giving me the opportunity to grow surrounded by 

happy making people to work with.


At the age of 26 I was asked to apply for the role of sr. HRM advisor. I was able to contribute to Strategic, Tactical & Operational HRM at the Directorate-General of Migration (Ministry of Justice and Security in the Netherlands).

I advised the Director General, Directors and Heads of multiple Departments (> 15 in total) for more than 2 years. An unforgettable time, where we achieved a lot together.

Following my Gut Feeling

During the completion of my Master’s degree in Strategic HRM (Cum Laude) I was offered a PhD position at a Faculty of Management Sciences and Public Administration.
After 3 months I decided to go for practical work experience and I was asked to apply at the Ministry. An opportunity that would never have existed if I had not decided to pursue the PhD position.

Amazing Opportunityy

During my student days I worked 2 to 3 days a week at an amazing student employment agency. Here I was given many opportunities to grow and work with responsibility. I worked in roles supporting managers and as a recruiter. One special event made me grow most: running a branch of the company during a (busy) holiday period.
I am still very grateful for the opportunities I was given every time, even in times of crisis.

Read more about Esther's Experience before being in business here.

What I Loved doing furthermore

I have always been very fanatic in sports (and games). As a daughter of a three times World Champion, performing at the international top for 10 years until she became pregnant of me, this is not surprisingly. I loved to play tennis and above all: Korfbal, a well-known sport in the Netherlands. I won multiple team titles as a player and a coach of a youth team. 

In line with my father's love for music (having over 1000 cd's in almost all genres and playing multiple instruments learned by hearing) I started singing and playing guitar. 

As a singer I was asked for a Jazz band, among other things. With the band I performed at the Woerdens Jazz Festival and on stage, while being coached by a Dutch Jazz singer (Edwin Rutte) in front of a full theater hall.

I always loved to improve and touch people with the music I sang. Therefore, I was the one winning an Award for Singing. 

My fanaticism was reflected in everything. I simply loved to achieve the best results, giving all of me at all fields in life, sports, school and jobs. I discovered and did what was necessary to achieve top results. 

Because of that I was able to win an award with my Master's thesis of which an article has been published in the scientific journal for HRM in the Netherlands. I conducted HR research into the relationship between people management, behavior and performance of employees at the municipality of Rotterdam.  The publication can be found here.

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