Create Miracles


Create Miracles


Achieve your Ultimate Goals, light & easy

  • Realize your Greatest Goals; For you, your family and worldwide wishes;
  • Feel Happy as you are, even when challenges occur in life and business;
  • Grow Huge in your Business and Life to achieve what you wish. Light & Easy;
  • Live your (WorldWide & Family) Dreams, happy above all.
  • Let’s create even more Miracles and Happiness in Business & Life. Realizing a Happier World together. That’s what I love to do. 




“Esther provided snow on my mother’s birthday (she has been in the sky for 2 years now).

The biggest breakthroughs in my life on all levels possible took place during these days in Sweden. I see more clearly, I am lighter, happier, an even better mother for my son and I work with the nicest clients who suit me completely.

The numbers in my business are insane. I am a happy business woman on top of the world.”

dr. Karianne Kalshoven, Leadership Businesscoach


“One conversation with Esther made me believe it was possible to start my own business. I said it out loud and started doing it, with very satisfied customers as a result.

Currently I help companies and entrepreneurs to turn their office or showroom into a beautiful place, with an exciting touch.”

Annouk de Rijk, two-time Olympian (ice skating) & Owner of Annouk In Style


“Esther helps me fuel my Big Dreams, so that I keep going to the next levels, never settle for less and keep feeling: the Sky is the limit.

As a result, I am now on my way to an international multi-million company.

Sandra Poelman, Director of Glowingplaces & Creator of Award Winning Places

Sandra Poelman, Director of Glowingplaces & Creator of Award Winning Places

“Open Up & Follow the Purpose for your Life”

Like Roos did in ’21, who tells more about her Experience of our Business Coaching (see video below)

Working Together

Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching

Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching

Achieve your Ultimate Goals in Life & Business. Even Happier, Lighter full of Fire. Realize the Worldwide Change you wish to see. Live your Greatest (Family) Dreams. Light, Happy

Create Miracles Doing. For you, money, life, business, your family & the World. Simply by following aligned actions. I’d love to let you Discover this. Happy Together

Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching (in Dutch & English) is there for the Ones who are Happy in Business and Life, Highly Driven, & have a Worldwide Wish to Achieve. Even Lighter, full of Miracles.

Full Happiness & Miracles

Full Happiness & Miracles

In Business & Life (Video Series)

Create even more Happiness & Miracles in business and life. Easy, light.

Discover what you can do easy to overcome thoughts, feelings & more. To be even happier, realize your goals easier & enhance miracles in everyday life and business.

From money, happy being you to doing what you truly love. While life can give you things not happy making too.

Let’s Realize even more Happiness & Miracles  Together.

Explore more about this Happy Making Video Series full Miracles:

Special Opportunity

Special Opportunity

The Swedish Business Experience

Experience a time to always remember in Sweden. Where we achieve GIGA results in short period of time, like: set up your Innovative Business Concept, development of the basis of your online program, discovery of New Business Models. 

Together with a focus on realization of your Greatest withes. For you, your family and the World.

The Swedish Business Experience can give new customers immediately and large money flows. Including personal growth of you & your family (they can travel with you if that is your wish).

Let yourself be Surprised by the amazing results that can come to you in Sweden.

Ready to read earlier Experiences of the Swedish Business Experience?

Click at the button and scroll to the Swedish Business Experience Testimonials.

Just Simplify & Live your Dreams


“We have been working for 2.5 weeks now and I have already gone through the biggest transformation of my life. This is the best personal and business thing that has happened to me.” 

From the handwritten letter "Review for new customers" by Award-Winning Artist Roos Tulen


“Swedish nature and Esther showed me during The Swedish Business Experience that it is all within me.

I just have to embrace it and follow the signals.

The cherry on the pie was that I received a call from 2 new customers on my last day at Esther, which resulted in a dream assignment that has now been extended for another year.”

Merel van Rijn – van Vliet, Owner Blackbird HR

“On my darkest days, she has shown me the Light and followed me back home- to my heart. She has shown me that everything that I need, is right inside of me.

Her video series carry a power and gentleness that overwhelms my heart each time I watch them. Her words have touched my heart and calmed my mind, more times that I can count. Thank you for making things my mind has made so complicated, so easy. With You, it is Always Easy and Happy making. I am forever grateful for the work you do”

Natasja Wandel, Sales Representative & Business Owner

Happy Making

I naturally ended up in the Spotlight with everything I did. From music, sports to study/school and Business. From my Wish to contribute to Happiness. The Stage was given to me, to make my voice heard. I will help you with that too. So that together we can create a Happier World. From your talent & Greatest Wishes. Full Happiness and Miracles.

Esther has already contributed to Happiness in life & business 

for these Media, among others:

Esther de Weert Business Coach


Emily Mattaka

“Coming home, being understood, experiencing peace and daring 

to dream big. Esther is a shining star that inspires you.

When she shines her light on you, you feel yourself growing bigger

and more powerful in what you have to do in the world.

It is her magic that connects with your magic, giving you both even

more impact. Not only visible online, but also energetic and tangible

from the inside out.

This realization is worth more than any investment.

Thank you dear Es”

Emily Mattaka

Thuiskomen, begrepen worden, rust ervaren en groots durven dromen. Esther is een schitterende ster die aanstekelijk werkt. Wanneer zij haar licht op je schijnt dan voel je jezelf grootser en nog krachtiger groeien in wat jou te doen staat in de wereld. 

Het is haar magie dat aansluit op jouw magie, waardoor je beiden nog meer impact hebt. Niet alleen zichtbaar online, maar ook energetisch en voelbaar from the inside out. 

Dit besef is meer waard dan welke investering dan ook.

Dank je lieve Es. 

It’s Written in the Stars

Simply Go